Folder Lock 7.0
The Easiest Way To Protect Your Data!
Encrypt and Lock With An Ease
Using AES 256-bit On The Fly Encryption

Lock Your Sensitive Data In 3 Simple Steps with Folder Lock

    Folder Lock will help you protect your files and lock them with your own password in a 3 fairly easy steps. Go ahead and download your free trial version of Folder Lock from the link above and try out how easy it is to lock a secret file on your computer.

Step 1:

Download your own copy of Folder Lock to be able to install it on your computer. When the installation wizard is finished, run the application from your windows start menu or simply from your desktop shortcut. After that you will be prompted with the first step in locking your files which is setting your master password.

Folder Lock Master Password

As shown in the screen shot above, enter your master password twice and then click "ok". Please make sure you set a strong phrase as your master password since this password will protect all of your locked and encrypted files and folders.

Step 2:
After you successfully set up your master password, Folder Lock main user interface will occur which let you navigate to different security functions. For the purpose of this demo, we won't have to navigate the menu as "Lock Files" tab is selected by default every time you run Folder Lock. Select any file or folder you would like to lock with your master password and drag it with your mouse over to where it says "Drag and drop files here to lock" in the center of Folder Lock Software as shown in the screen shot below. Folder Lock Software

Step 3:
The moment you drag or add your file to "Lock Files" it will be locked automatically and will disappear from it's original location on your computer and will require you to run Folder Lock Software and input your master password every time you would like to modify it or access it again. As you can see in the screen shot below, the secret file was added and the status of it is "Locked" which mean it's now secured and protected with the master password you have chosen in step 1. Folder Lock Master Password