Folder Lock 7

General Info

What is Folder Lock ?

Folder Lock is a data security software which will assist you in securing your folders and data via many must-have features. Folder Lock will also help you protect the data you carry in removables media such as flash drives and CDs in a way that no one will be able to access your data if it gets lost or stolen. Here’s some of the main features you will have in the latest Folder Lock 7 :

  • File encryption with the strongest 256-bit AES algorithm.

  • Lock and protect your USB drives and CDs.

  • Hide your secret files and make them invisible to anyone but you !

  • Detailed log files which will make you know if anyone have tried to access your files with a wrong password.

  • Stealth mode operation to hide all evidence that you are using Folder Lock software on your computer.

  • Secure deletion and files shredding on your computer to prevent digital forensics experts from recovering your deleted files.

  • Backup of your encrypted files on Folder Lock physically secured servers.




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